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I choose to take difficult and challenging stands because of the life principle expressed so perfectly in the book of Isaiah: “maintain justice and do what is right.” History teaches us that government systems can swallow people up if left unchecked. Even the powerful can feel small and alone when facing the force and weight of our government. For this reason, I feel called to stand and do all that I can to ensure that the system does “what is right” for the accused person.

I believe we must do all that is possible to maintain and secure justice for each and every man and woman - to do what is right, fundamentally and spiritually, at whatever the cost. Only then can we preserve all that is real - all that is pure in this gift we’ve been given called life.

I bring all that I have - all that I’ve learned - all that God’s grace has allowed me to help preserve that ideal. To that end, I devote all that I have in representing and counseling the people who have entrusted me with the difficult situations they face in their lives.